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Immigration lawyer Gonzalez and associates


In Immigration, the Legal Offices of González and Associates are ready and committed.

To provide our clients with competent and aggressive representation in several areas of immigration law.

Our attorneys are equipped with the ability to represent a person with Immigration problems.

Our main priority is to make the immigration process less stressful.

We strive to educate our clients at every step of their Immigration process.

At The Law Offices of Gonzalez and Associates, we provide services in the following areas of Immigration Law:

Citizenship and naturalization,
Petitions based on family,
Process of immigrant and nonimmigrant visas; even:
– Visitors Visa B1 / B2
– Student visas F1, M, J.
– Visas T and U.
– Fiance Visa
– Employment visas: H1B, H2 A and H2 B, L1B.
– Visas O / P.
VAWA (Law on Violence against Women)
Work authorizations.
H1 employment visa
Requests for Fiscal Discretion
Deportation Defense, which includes but is not limited to:
– Asylum process:

Immigration Lawyer.

Each year, hundreds of people come to the United States in search of protection.

Against the persecution or torture they suffer in their countries of origin.

The US government UU, has implemented a process through which determined if your case has sufficient merits.

How to allow you and your close relatives to be included in your application to stay legally in the US.

Pra Work on your Political Asylum process.

In the great demand of asylum seekers, it is crucial that you are represented by a lawyer.

The success rate of a person represented by a lawyer is 46%.

While the parties acting pro se (without a lawyer) have a success rate of only 16%.

Here at G & A, we offer you a competent and appropriate representation with your asylum case.

Through the USCIS asylum office (affirmative) or before a court before the immigration judge (defensive).

– Cancellation of removal for permanent legal residents or non-permanent residents.

– Lawful permanent residents:

Unfortunately, anyone, except US citizens.

He can be deported from the United States.

This includes permanent legal residents or holders of the green card.

Before being deported, one will be placed in the expulsion process.

Immigration Gonzalez and Associates.

During these procedures, the government will try to take you away from the United States.

Based on your criminal convictions.

The government will be represented by a lawyer.

It is a mistake to appear before an immigration judge alone.

Not all criminal convictions cause a person to be deported immediately.

Although you have the right to a lawyer, in immigration proceedings, the government will not provide you with any.

It is your duty to find and hire a lawyer to help you.

We are ready to help you keep your green card and avoid deportation.

– Non-permanent residents:

Even people without legal status or documents living in the United States.

They may have the opportunity to defend themselves against removal or deportation.

If the person succeeds, he or she can even become a legal permanent resident. These cases can be very complex.

González and Associates determines if you can qualify, while we advise you and help you with your process.

And we do our best to help you stay legally in the United States.

Call now for Free Consultation and Advice 1-866-599-9529 or complete the contact form. Thank you.


Hiring a Lawyer is a very important decision that should not be based solely on advertisements. Before deciding, ask us to send you written information about our Credential.

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