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Property Damage

Property Damage Lawyer Gonzalez and Associates

Property Damage

Property damage to your home or business is extremely stressful, especially when making a claim.

The damage of a hurricane, a wind storm, a fire, a pipe explosion or a sink can be daunting if left alone.

Our team of dedicated and experienced attorneys and legal assistants.

They can help ensure that you receive the insurance benefits to which you are entitled when a disaster occurs.

Through our network of public appraisers, estimators, water mitigation companies.

Contractors, plumbers and mold professionals, we can help you maximize your insurance claim.

But also to find the professionals needed to mitigate and repair Property Damage.


Property Damage Gonzalez and Associates.


You may wonder why you need a lawyer or public adjuster to file an insurance claim.

The insurance policies are full of conditions, exclusions and legal jargon that change every year to reduce or change the coverage offered.

The attorneys at Gonzalez & Associates know the language of insurance policies very well.

And they review each policy to ensure that our clients not only have coverage for the losses suffered.

But also to confirm that our clients comply with all their obligations under their respective insurance policy.

We make sure that your insurance company fulfills its duty to pay a loss.

Cover and do not leave paying a valid claim based on a technicality.

Insurance companies hire hundreds, if not thousands, of lawyers to protect their interests.

Why should you go alone? Call us today to get a free consultation.

And start to recover the insurance benefits to which you are entitled.

Property Damages We are here to meet the insurance demands of our clients.

In case of damage to your business or home if there is no recovery, there is no fee.

We help homeowners, business owners, condo associations.

Associations of homeowners, public appraisers, water mitigation companies, mold consultants, mold suppliers.

Contractors and other related actors in claims and recoveries related to insurance.

Call for Free Consultation and Advice or Complete our Contact Form. Thank you.


Hiring a Lawyer is a very important decision that should not be based solely on advertisements. Before deciding, ask us to send you written information about our Credential.

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