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Most dangerous roads in South Florida

On Behalf of | Dec 10, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Many factors make a road dangerous. A few of these factors are construction, high-speed travelers and frequent tourist travelers. In the case of South Florida, there are millions of visitors and commuters traveling its roads every year.

Some of the most dangerous roads in this part of the state include everything from interstates to state and county highways. These are the roads that have the most accidents in South Florida.


I-95 is a dangerous road no matter where you are on it. It is particularly dangerous due to constant construction, high tourism and fast-moving traffic. Unfortunately, it is one of the faster ways to travel in South Florida.


Although US-1 travels the entire eastern coastline, it is particularly dangerous when you are heading to South Miami because of frequent stops and above-average congestion. Some researchers claim US-1 is also the second most dangerous road in the whole country.


This is not a fast-moving highway like I-95 or a famous one like US-1. It runs through Miami Beach and is only just over five miles long. The heavy tourism and stop-and-go traffic, however, make this road exceptionally dangerous.

Miami City Streets

Most of the city streets in Miami are dangerous for both pedestrians and vehicles. Tight turns and heavy city congestion contribute to thousands of accidents every year. Downtown and other urban areas have issues with pedestrians, vehicles and bicycles. Adding shortstops and other obstacles make almost all of the roads very dangerous.

Whether traveling to and from work or going to your favorite vacation spot, you should know about some of South Florida’s most dangerous roads and remain cautious and alert wherever you drive.