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Few are lucky enough to walk away unharmed from a motorcycle crash. The operator and/or passenger almost always suffer injuries, all too often disabling or fatal. To make matters worse, the rider usually gets blamed even when a careless automobile driver was at fault.

The Law Offices of Gonzalez & Associates, LLC represents victims of motorcycle accidents in Florida. We provide compassionate support for the long road to recovery, and vigorous pursuit of the compensation necessary to heal the injuries and get your life back on track.

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Proving Liability Of The Other Driver Or Third Parties

No matter how experienced a biker you may be, you are vulnerable to car and truck drivers who may not be paying full attention. No matter how careful you are, the “biker” stigma means that people will assume you did something wrong or reckless. Neil Gonzales and his team or attorneys know how to investigate to show the negligence of others or dangerous conditions that actually led to the crash:

  • Failing to yield when turning left
  • Tailgating and aggressive driving
  • Changing lanes without looking or signaling
  • Pulling onto the roadway into the path of a motorcycle
  • Distracted driving or drunk driving
  • Potholes, debris and other road hazards
  • Defective components of the bike

We are experienced lawyers who will go to court, if necessary, to argue liability. Our firm works with accident reconstruction specialists and other experts who can help us prove that the other driver or a third party bears responsibility.

How Does Insurance Work In A Motorcycle Accident?

Florida motorcycle owners are not required to carry personal injury protection (PIP) insurance, the no-fault safety net. PIP insurance only applies to four-wheeled vehicles, so you cannot seek medical benefits under your own auto insurance policy for a motorcycle accident.

In a crash, your compensation would come from one or more of the following:

  • Your own health insurance, unless it excludes motorcycle accidents
  • Your own motorcycle accident insurance, if you have it
  • The other driver’s bodily injury liability coverage, if they have it
  • Your own uninsured motorist coverage, if the other driver is not insured and you have this coverage

How Does Florida’s Helmet Law Factor?

Florida does not require motorcycle helmets if you are 21 or older. Thus, failure to wear a helmet cannot be used against you in a personal injury lawsuit as evidence of your negligence or to reduce your compensation. However, if you choose not to wear a helmet, you must show proof of medical coverage ($10,000 minimum) plus proof of insurance or financial responsibility for the injury you may cause to others.

We Know How Bad The Injuries Can Be

Even with a helmet, motorcyclists suffer massive injuries in a collision with a car or truck, or when they are forced to leave the roadway. Common injuries include spinal cord trauma and paralysis, brain injury, facial injury, broken bones, lacerations and road rash abrasions. It is not uncommon for lifetime medical care and lost income from a bad accident to exceed $1 million.

Our compassionate lawyers and staff will work every angle to hold the other party accountable and secure compensation for the lasting impact of the injuries or a loved one’s death. We work closely with the family to document the treatment, the challenges and the ongoing needs, and to make sure compensation reflects the pain and suffering and any permanent effects.

Let Us Take On The Legal Burdens

You have enough to worry about. We deal with the insurance companies and the legal issues so you can focus on rehab and putting the pieces of your life back together.

Gonzalez & Associates extends a free consultation, and there are no attorney fees unless we recover compensation. Schedule an appointment by calling 866-626-4257 or use our online form. We have offices in Miami, Orlando and Tampa, and we can arrange to come to you.

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