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How can motorcyclists in Miami stay safe?

On Behalf of | Jul 7, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Most motorcyclists know riding a bike carries more risks than driving a car, and act accordingly. However, there are still things that are out of a motorist’s control for which they should prepare.

Miami recently ranked fourth as one of the most dangerous cities in the United States to ride a motorcycle. What does this mean, and how can bikers in the area keep themselves safe?

Most fatalities per capita

Miami landed on the list due to having the fourth most motorcycle fatalities per capita out of major U.S. cities. One of the reasons for this is that Florida’s weather lends itself to riding motorcycles more months of the year compared to states with harsher climates like Minnesota. Another reason could be that Florida sees a large number of tourists each year. Tourists are sometimes unaccustomed to the local roads, leading them to concentrate more on getting where they need to go rather than sharing the road with smaller vehicles.

Preventing injuries

Some of the more common injuries experienced by bikers include brain injuries, broken bones, road rash and whiplash. Because bikers are already riding on the outsides of their vehicles, they tend to get more severe injuries compared to someone in a car or truck. Wearing a helmet and thick clothing can help prevent brain injuries and things such as road rash.

Driving defensively and predictably can help offset potential collisions. Staying visible by wearing bright clothing or applying reflective tape can also help keep other drivers mindful of bikes on the road. While you cannot control other drivers’ behavior, you can help your chances at avoiding collisions.

By being aware of what they can do to stay safe, motorcyclists in Florida and elsewhere can help prevent accidents and serious injuries.