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Is Florida a safe state for drivers?

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Compared to other states, how does Florida rank in terms of driver safety? Because Florida is a large, populous state with many different communities and regions, the answer is complex.

Although Florida offers many benefits for drivers, there is still significant room for improvement regarding driver safety.

Advantages for Florida drivers

A recent study ranked Florida as the 12th best state for drivers overall, emphasizing that the state was among the best for car maintenance access. Florida has plentiful auto shops and car washes that service a wide range of vehicles. It is easier to keep your car in good repair, which can help prevent breakdowns and accidents.

Risks for drivers in Florida

Other research suggests that Florida has relatively worse driver quality and a higher rate of fatal crashes than many other states. In addition, Florida tends to have expensive auto insurance and a large number of uninsured motorists. Many roadways in Florida experience heavy traffic and congestion. Road safety is an ongoing issue in cities like Tampa, Miami and Jacksonville. Likewise, areas with lots of tourists can also see increased traffic violations.

Florida also lacks some of the driving safety laws that exist in other states. Laws that encourage safer choices like rear seat belt use and helmets on motorcyclists may help prevent serious injuries. Some states also have stricter regulations regarding the use of cell phones and mobile devices while driving.

With its beautiful vistas and numerous maintenance shops, Florida can be a great place to drive your car. However, there are still many dangers drivers face, as well as ways to improve safety for everyone on the road.