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Factors determining compensation in wrongful death car accidents

On Behalf of | Jun 7, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Little equals the tragedy of wrongful death. Nothing can bring back a loved one from a deadly car wreck or other fatal trauma.

When a roadside fatality occurs, courts allow suing the responsible party. The amount of money you stand to recover from one depends on certain variables.

Juror perspectives

The law is more an art than a science. Juries are more likely to award hefty payouts to plaintiffs they deem likable. Testimony from ornery or inelegant witnesses can decrease the amount a litigant wins. Defense teams may attempt to sully the legacy of your late family member. Their success means jurors could feel a lower dollar figure is justifiable. Subsequently, modern juries are subject to psychological scrutiny. Attorneys dissect every aspect of their lives, no matter how small.

Limits of insurance policies

In all probability, the defendant has insurance. Even if you deserve tens of millions, a trial involving an insurer can only net as much as the policy allows. You may be able to extract further compensation directly from the person you are suing. That said, this individual could avoid paying by declaring bankruptcy.

Attorney skills

The law professional representing you should be knowledgeable and able. Inexperienced lawyers are more likely to try ineffective strategies. Untested persons might not file paperwork before the statute of limitations expires. Should this happen, a judge will not even hear your request.

Losing someone you love due to negligence is devastating. Courts are there to assess your demand for financial relief. Be aware of the elements that affect how much you ultimately collect.