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How personal injury protection insurance works in Florida

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2024 | Personal Injury |

Car accidents happen unexpectedly, often causing significant physical, emotional and financial stress. In Florida, personal injury protection insurance helps drivers manage the financial impact of a car accident.

Drivers should understand how their PIP auto policy works when a collision occurs.

Defining PIP insurance

Florida retires all drivers to carry PIP insurance as part of its no-fault insurance system. PIP covers medical expenses, lost wages and certain other losses related to an accident regardless of fault.

If you get in a car accident, you file a claim with your insurance company. You can receive the benefits of your policy without waiting for a fault determination.

Reviewing PIP coverage details

PIP insurance in Florida covers up to 80% of medical expenses and 60% of lost wages due to injuries from a car accident, up to the limits of your policy. The standard coverage limit is $10,000, but you can buy more coverage for a higher level of protection. PIP also provides a $5,000 death benefit in addition to medical and disability benefits.

PIP coverage has limits. If you stick with the standard coverage, you may not receive the full amount of your medical expenses and lost wages. You will also have to pay out of pocket for property damage caused by the accident.

Using PIP insurance after an accident

After a car accident, seek medical treatment immediately for any injuries. To use your PIP insurance benefits, you must receive medical care within 14 days of the accident. After receiving medical attention, you should inform your insurance company about the accident and file a PIP claim.

Florida had nearly 164,000 auto accidents resulting in injuries in 2023. Personal injury protection ensures that drivers have immediate access to funds for medical care and lost wages after a car accident. Understanding how PIP works can help drivers navigate the aftermath of a car accident.