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Motorcycle fatality trends to keep in mind

On Behalf of | Sep 25, 2023 | Personal Injury |

While bikers appreciate how invigorating riding a motorcycle can be, recent findings seem to reinforce that, while others on the road frequently cause accidents, a number of motorcycle riders also could be doing more to increase their safety. For both motorcyclists and other drivers, shedding light on fatality trends may heighten their awareness and motivation to take the steps necessary to make roads safer and more enjoyable.

Helmet use is a key safety factor

Research reveals that Florida is home to three of the deadliest cities for motorcyclists in the U.S. – Jacksonville, Miami and Tampa. Some critics associate this with the state’s helmet laws, which are perceived as lenient. The laws allow riders aged 21 or over to operate a motorcycle without protective gear if they have at least $10,000 worth of medical insurance coverage.

On a nationwide scale, helmet use proves to be 37% effective in keeping an injury accident from becoming a fatality, and nearly twice as effective in brain injury prevention.

Breaking down 5 other motorcycle-related patterns

A separate federal analysis of motorcycle fatalities shows:

  • Deaths peaking in June and dropping in February
  • Increasing numbers of unlicensed motorcycle drivers who incur fatal injuries
  • Incidents most likely occurring on weekends at night along major roads or urban areas
  • Multiple-vehicle collisions accounting for more fatal cases than single-vehicle crashes
  • Younger generations (29 below) making up the majority of the reported fatal injuries

Further, alcohol involvement still influences the likelihood of riders to figure into fatal accidents. Men also tend to be the drivers and women as the passengers during deadly rides.

These discoveries may continue to evolve due to ever-changing lifestyles, policies and environmental conditions. Thus, they can be vital resources in improving relevant laws, practices or behaviors.

Keeping up with the times

If all stakeholders uphold motorcycle safety, trends may reflect more positive outcomes. Those who need guidance on interpreting laws can speak with their counsel and ask how to stay aligned with the law. But if a tragedy has already struck, and a rider has ended up in a crash, their counsel can help them protect their rights and pursue compensation.