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Why big cars pose a big threat to pedestrians, cyclists

On Behalf of | Jan 8, 2024 | Personal Injury |

America’s love for SUVs and large trucks comes with a hidden cost—the increased danger posed to pedestrians and cyclists. As these imposing vehicles dominate the roads, the vulnerability of those on foot or bike becomes a growing concern.

Understanding the impact of this automotive preference on road safety is the key to addressing the risks faced by pedestrians and cyclists amidst the SUV and truck boom.

Heightened risks for vulnerable road users

The rising popularity of SUVs and large trucks contributes to a concerning trend where pedestrians and cyclists face elevated risks. According to Slate, SUVs are between two and three times as likely as regular cars to kill a pedestrian upon striking one. The height and weight of these vehicles create severe consequences in the event of a collision. This often leads to more significant injuries or fatalities for those not riding inside a protective vehicle. The mismatch in size and weight between these vehicles and vulnerable road users accentuates the danger on streets and sidewalks.

Reduced visibility and blind spots

An inherent challenge associated with SUVs and trucks is reduced visibility for drivers. Higher ground clearance contributes to larger blind spots. This can make it harder for drivers to remain aware of their surroundings. This reduced visibility heightens the risk of accidents, especially when pedestrians or cyclists are crossing intersections or navigating through traffic.

While the love for SUVs and trucks in America shows no signs of waning, it is important to acknowledge the risks they pose to pedestrians and cyclists. Recognizing the potential dangers and advocating for road safety measures can help mitigate the impact of these large, heavy vehicles.